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Chocolate Academy is a program BT Cocoa has designed with the aim of socializing all there is to know about cocoa and chocolate. This includes the process of how chocolate is made, tracing all the way back to the raw cocoa bean as well as a training course creating chocolate food and drinks.

The cocoa process is taught over a one day Plant Tour, starting from a mock cocoa farm followed by a factory visit. The factory visit will provide insight on how the cocoa bean is processed into cocoa powder, cocoa butter and cocoa liquor through high quality machines.

Through the Chocolate Academy “Chocolate Workshop” you are given a 2 day crash course from an experienced pastry chef and chocolate barista on how to use chocolate in a variety of food and drinks. After the workshop you will go home knowing how to bake cookies, brownies, create pralines as well as a variety of hot and cold chocolate drinks. The workshop is appropriate for beginners and professionals alike.

Through this course we hope to further educate people about all the great qualities of cocoa and chocolate, providing a deeper insight of how it can be a part of our everyday life, including a passion to use chocolate and cocoa into a profitable business.