Technology & Innovation

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TECHNOLOGY is the driving force in the thoroughly complex process that is cocoa processing. We strongly believe in increasing innovation and creating efficiency through the use of the latest technology.

For this, we are not afraid in taking risks and investing big on state of the art technology. Harnessing the power of our cutting edge technology and the precision of our technical expertise is what sets us apart from our competitors.


Leading technology and processes

Our key objective is to provide our customers with consistently good quality cocoa through the use of modern machinery and high-tech facilities.


Our processing facility is one of the most modern and high-tech of its kind to date. We emphasize on using the best machines, capable of handling all the necessary quality requirements across the world.


Using state of the art technology, combined with ongoing research & development we are able to maintain and improve product quality, whilst ensuring emphasizing  on efficiency and sustainability


Research & Development

Our focus on innovation and R&D enables us to cater to the varying consumer preferences throughout the world. We provide a variety in taste, colors and pH because we understand how important finding the perfect match is for you and your products.