Corporate Responsibility

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We have realized the importance of working together and collaborating with cocoa farmers. Not only to meet our customer’s needs, but to ensure that meeting those needs does not impair the world’s capacity to serve future generations.

With this in mind, BT Cocoa has launched BT CARE (Cocoa Assistance and Rehabilitation Efforts), a program aimed at tackling sustainability issues at a grassroots level.

Good quality cocoa products can only be achieved through collaboration with the farmers who grow it. This is the backbone reason that started our BT CARE program on the 7th of July 2012. BT CARE focuses on partnering with farmers, training farmers, rehabilitating farms and buying cocoa direct from farmers at a fair price.

With our large and growing number of buying stations all over Indonesia, we make it easy for farmers to sell directly to us with guarantee of a fair price. Therefore, increasing both the quality of farmers’ lives as well as the quality of cocoa.

BT Cocoa CSR People Planet Profit


CARE towards farmer′s livelihood and labour practices.

We offer hands on training and support of farmer groups and co-operatives. In addition, we uphold, implement and educate farmers on all UTZ Code of Conducts.


CARE towards good agriculture practices that minimize environmental impact.

We work with farmers to implement sustainable ways to improve soil fertility, conserve water and preserve the environment.


CARE towards creating a profitable system through ensuring a high-quality product and good internal management.

We are working with over 2.000 farmers in Bali to improve the quality of cocoa through good agricultural practices, to which we are committed to buying at a premium price.